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Keyword Research

Initial keywords are determined input from the SEO customer, review of competitor websites and review of web analytics. These words will be tracked and monitored.

Over time, depending on the results in the SEO services, the keywords will be modified to improve the desired traffic to the site.

Link Research

Links to your site will be researched and analyzed. Links to competitor sites will be ananlyzed. Content will then be created to get links from other sites.

Getting quality links to your website can have a significant impact on your search engine ranks. Our SEO consultants will research your market and find out where we can get links to your site.

Page Optimization

Websites will be audited on a regular basis. Initial audits are normally the most significant. Text will be changed. Headlines will be changed. Images will be modified. And page titles will be reviewed.

After the initial page optimization, pages on the site will be reviewed and modified regularly.

Internal Links

Internal links and their placement can impact a website’s SEO results. From menu bars to site maps, we track the links across a website and review how well they work for the visitor.

New Content

The growth of a website can significantly impact the site’s ranks in the search engines. As pages are added to the site, each page needs to be review by the SEO specialists to set goals to get desired traffic to those pages.

SEO Reports

Our SEO packages include regular rank reports that track the ranks of the site for targeted phrases. These reports show ranks daily and can compare ranks to previous days to see the progress being made in the SEO program.

SEO Packages Are Effective

We take websites that are poorly ranked and revamp them to rank in the search engines.

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